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Good quality by Colby on 11/17/2020

Works great and very good quality. Will buy again!

It works by Colby on 10/21/2020

I probably couldn't get through my 14 hour shifts with out it. The green variety is works for well for ----. It can make you a little tired yet greatly increases my stamina.

Long lasting by Becca on 04/14/2020

Am still trying different products but I have found the Green Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules to be effective and long lasting. Love the fast service!

Capsule by Kyle on 04/12/2020

This is great for on the go definitely love red vein the most

Very enjoyable by Kerry on 04/08/2020

This was my first time trying the Yellow Vietnam and I found it to be an excellent strain for my afternoons to lift my mood, give me subtle energy, and help with anxiety. I haven’t had a lot of experience with the Yellows and Golds, but I would buy this again for sure! Excellent vendor, quality is superior and shipping is very fast

Great energy and concentration by Kerry on 04/08/2020

I love the white strains for the mornings to help me get my day going, get me motivated, and give me energy. This White Maeng Da does not disappoint at all! I have pretty severe ADHD as well and this product really helps me focus. Try blending it with the Super a Premium Bali as well to prolong the effects. Excellent quality, very fast shipping!

Excellent strain by Kerry on 04/08/2020

I’ve tried several Kratom vendors and Kratom Capsules by far has the most superior product. The Super Premium Bali gave me energy, helped me focus, and also helped with my anxiety. It also blends really well with a white strain (like white Maeng Da) to boost energy and focus even more. Highly recommend this vendor!

Great Product by Tina on 04/06/2020

I Love this one the best...Great Customer Service

Green Maeng Da by Douglas on 04/06/2020

I like this best but going to try some new ones as well

Very helpful with ---- by Shawn on 04/03/2020

My Experience with the Red Vein Indo was pretty good. I will be reordering and I will also be looking into speaking with someone about possibly opening their variety lists a little further. Because although the Red Vein Indo did help with ----, it wasn’t quite as good as day Red Maeng Da. Still an excellent product nonetheless.

Red Vein Indo by Kyle on 04/02/2020

I think this is the best one they have.

Relaxing strain by Renee on 03/27/2020

I love the red vein for night time because it's very relaxing and held me sleep better.

My Favorite by Douglas on 03/18/2020

This is one of my favorites by far! and can I say Fatina in Customer Service is on it and by far one of my favorite to talk to every couple weeks with my order...Thank you Kratom for being the best all around.

Awesome by GA_Dawn on 03/14/2020

Makes it easy to sample several different strains to find what works best for you.

Great products by Crystal on 03/14/2020

Love the variety pack, allows you to pick a rotation and get a discount,

Red vein INDO by Eric on 03/09/2020

This is always very potent and reliably the same strength I will always choose this strain for Kratom capsules ! Great product

Red INDO vein by Eric on 03/09/2020

This is by far the most powerful strain and my favorite

Energy boost by Gloria on 03/06/2020

Helped with ---- and produced nice energy. One of my favorites.

Job well done by Gloria on 03/06/2020

Loved this product. Helped with ---- and anxiety. Very thankful

5 out of five! by Patricia on 03/05/2020

Best product on the market. They have excellent customer service. Fast and Friendly. I purchase the Red Vein Capsules for lumbar ---- and highly recommend it.

White Maeng Da by Fatina on 03/03/2020

Love This Product

Great product by Dee on 03/03/2020

Still best product out there. Awesome company.

Best for energy by MichelleK on 02/29/2020

I have tried all of the strains and this is by far my favorite. Puts me in a great mood and gives me energy.

Subtle but Definite by John on 02/29/2020

Kratom gives me a feeling of contentment that I haven't known for years now.

Good for week. by Brandon on 02/27/2020

I take less Tylenol through out the week.

Good to get through autoimmune diseases by Brandon on 02/27/2020

Gets me through the week.

Positive by David on 02/25/2020

Great service, along with expedited shipping. I would recommend buying from this business.

---- free by Terry on 02/25/2020

I use the green maeng da thai kratom to keep me com and ---- free.

Arthritis helper by Terry on 02/25/2020

I have bad arthritis and the red rd vein info kratom helps me to move much better and less ----

Love this stuff! by Leiah on 02/20/2020

White vein kratom is my absolute favorite strain. It gives me a positive outlook on life and enough energy to get through the day... And no negative side effects! So thankful for this stuff! Having them in capsules is another plus. Very happy with this company and my order. Thank you!

Miracle!! by Jason on 02/19/2020

Works wonders for chronic ---- & daily migraines! Thank you Kratom Capsules for the wonderful product, price & shipping!

Quality Product by Josh on 02/18/2020

Good quality. Shipping was fast .

Great product by Josh on 02/18/2020

This strain gave me to much energy. Very good quality . I prefer this mixed with the red .

Great product by Josh on 02/17/2020

Great product worked great for me

Love this option by Stephanie on 02/17/2020

I really love the variety pack because it takes no time at all to order and I can choose exactly what I want. Thank you!!

Great by Shannon on 02/17/2020

Used this when I was waiting for my red vein and found it was very helpful

great product by Wayne on 02/17/2020

I mix this up with my white maeng da

White Maeng Da by Reesee' on 02/17/2020

The best for my chronic carpel tunnel by far

Great for ---- by Raymond on 02/16/2020

I suffer from a severe scoliosis, yet I still want to do things on the farm, and after two years of buying and sampling the various strains, this is the best one there is for chronic ----. My way of life has been saved from this product and I am not doubled over in ---- and am able to get my own shoes on without help!

Great product by Dee on 02/13/2020

Awesome customer service, reliable for ---- and energy, no more ---- meds

Great stimulation and ---- relief by Allan on 02/12/2020

I have bad back issues and ADHD I wrote a review about the green maeng da check that out this one is the perfect balance of stimulation and ---- relief thank you kratom capsules I’m a permanent costumer now!

Great stimulating properties at lower doses by Allan on 02/12/2020

I love the green maeng da I have adhd and at low enough doses I can live my life without being on ADHD stimulants like concerta I finally have my life back

Great strain for energy by Anthony on 02/08/2020

Very good strain for focus and energy. Very high quality .

Very nice strain by Anthony on 02/08/2020

This strain absolutely melted away my anxiety and depression. Highly recommend.

White for energy by Charles on 02/03/2020

Good stimulation.

Potent by Dee on 01/31/2020

Potent, need less for ---- relief, then with whites, but do mix with whites for daytime ---- for energy.

Red Kratom for Chronic ---- by Kvalz28 on 01/30/2020

Love the red kratom for my chronic ----. It takes the edge off, along with my prescribed meds. Love how quickly I get it delivered and the quality is really high!! Will definitely be buying from you guys again!!

love it:) by joyce on 01/29/2020

the white maeng da is sooooo wonderful to me:)It helps me with ----,great energy ,stress relief and anxiety:)the quality I get here is great .:)thank you so much:)

Highly recommend! by Lisa777 on 01/23/2020

This is the only place I could find that takes Visa and MasterCard. They offer free same-day first-class shipping and their product works great. I already put in a second order and will definitely be a repeat customer!

Best quality and service by Bob on 01/23/2020

Best quality hands down. Products are always delivered fast. Has helped my chronic ---- tremendously!

Works great! by Deb on 01/22/2020

Been taking for several months, working as promised, helping with aches and ----s! Kratom brand is the best!

Great product by T on 01/21/2020

Works better then script ---- meds. Only wish made bigger sizes like they do for other strains now. Satisfied customer

Better than I expected by Peter on 01/18/2020

I can't say these are magic but they do provide with relief from ----. Due to a medical condition I have had to stop taking conventional ---- killers. These are working well for me.

works better than akuamma by Dan on 01/18/2020

Need to take 6 caps to get usable effect, better than akuamma, but pretty pricey per dose. At least it offers some relief.

Great product by Renee on 01/17/2020

I like the green maeng da because the effect seems to last a bit longer and doesn't give a jittery feeling. Very relaxing and ---- relieving. And just want to say how extraordinary this company is! Their product is always high quality, customer service is the best and you can't go wrong with free shipping! Love it all around!

Works well and great price by Jodi on 01/10/2020

I've tried and used many different strains and the green super is by far the one that does the most for me. I have chronic back issues and the super does wonderful for ---- and gives me motivation and some energy to be able to take care of the things I need. The price is better than others I've gotten with the fact they test all incoming product, it really can't be beat. I'd recommend this company to all

Super Premium Bali by Dr. Charlotte on 01/07/2020

I just tried your Super Premium Bali capsules to help manage a chronic ---- issue I've been struggling with, and I must tell you they are the best I've found. I want to thank you for your fast (and free) shipping service, too. And thanks for the January discount -- I just used it to order some more Bali capsules, and want to try the red vein Indo capsules as well.

Clean energy by Harry on 01/05/2020

Love this Yellow,fast and extremely clean energy that lasts for hours.

Great product by Derik on 01/05/2020

Excellent product and super fast shipping!!

Great product by Derik on 01/05/2020

Excellent product and super fast shipping!!

Great product by Derik on 01/05/2020

Excellent product and super fast shipping!!

Great company and product by Stephanie on 01/02/2020

The red really helps with my back and leg ----. It also helps my anxiety issues. I would highly recommend.

A+ by B on 12/30/2019

Only company I trust, not the cheapest, but quality, safe and free shipping, and customer service the best. Last order, I got wrong product, they immediately, priority shipped correct product.

Good Product, Great Customer Sevice, Fast Shipping by Kyle on 12/30/2019

Have only tried kratom a few times so still getting used to this stuff. Definitely helps for ---- and stress. Only downside of this company I would say is the lack of different strains. Other than that I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

1st time for Kratom by Jill on 12/30/2019

I have only taken for two days but feel as if it has helped my ----/anxiety. Now how to stop sweating.

Works great! by Renee on 12/20/2019

I like this strain because it really helps with my arthritis and anxiety problems. No need for prescription drugs or or getting hooked on opiates again. Great quality and very relaxing. Highly recommend!

helps by Susie on 12/17/2019

Helps for sleep

helpful by Susie on 12/17/2019


Good by C on 12/07/2019

Not Malay, but it works!

Great product by E. on 12/07/2019

Best value, balanced, fast sevice, trusted company.

Quality is decent but the shipping makes up for it. by Charles on 12/05/2019

Pretty decent powder. The grind first time I bought was a but rough but this go around was much finer, though not perfect. The quality is OK, I've definitely had much stronger, but it gets the job done for sure, maybe just a higher dose required. But the shipping man.. havent found anything kratom related like it yet. Ships to my house in a day or maybe 2, with free shipping. That's an awesome plus. All in all I recommend, just hope quality is able to get a bit better over time. Thanks guys.

5 Stars all day long!! by Tonya on 12/04/2019

These products are the best. Top quality and superb customer service! Bali Super Premium is by far the best that I have had. Relieves my neck and back ---- and gives me the energy to take on the day!

Finally!!! by Sabrina on 12/02/2019

I was finally able to try the Bali Super Premium capsules once they were back in stock. They work GREAT for my anxiety and stress. I also like to use them with the Green Thai, (my FAVORITE also!). Was relieved to know that they work well, when the green thai is out of stock as well. You should DEF try them!

These are so convenient!!! by Jennifer on 11/26/2019

Great prices.

Another fine product by Jonathan on 11/23/2019

I've been taking the Green and White strains together, helps with my back ---- and gives me a great energy boost.

Quality product, excellent service by Jonathan on 11/23/2019

I've been mixing this with the Green Maeng Da and it's been great. Shipping was lightning fast - as usual. Great experience

Works really well with Green M. D. by Jennifer on 11/14/2019

Really happy about this and the green. I want to try the yellow but out of stock. Happy with it and recommend it highly!

its good by sage on 11/14/2019

this ones works good..not as good as the red boreno but i would buy again if couldnt get the red... i have nerve damages in my neck and severe knee problems...this one worked to take the edge off so I could deal with .. works good

The Best by Reesee on 11/12/2019

I Love the White Maeng Da for my severe carpal tunnel and nerve damage.

Happy by Beth on 11/11/2019

Happy it's back in stock. They are good about testing and quality, so that helps while waiting for restocking, worth the wait.

Great by Sumwum on 11/10/2019

I have chronic upper and lower back ----. I can't take the ---- killers doctors give. This plant has made my quilty of life bettter

Real energy!!! by Jennifer on 11/06/2019

I really like the green, it really gives me an energy boost and melts my anxieties away. I can do daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed or in need of a few Norcos. Thank you guys again for supplying us with such a great product. Kratom is a game-changer for sure

Relaxing. & Mellow!! by Jennifer on 11/06/2019

This red is very relaxing and takes the edge off for sure. I usually like the green because of the energy but this is nice in the evening. This company is very legit and has great product. Thank you guys 4 selling a good product at a good price.

Peace of Mind by Misstee on 11/04/2019

I was on Vicodin for 7 years for back and tendon ----, and Xanax for 20 years for extreme anxiety. Only 2 capsules 3 times a day and I don't take either of them anymore. Yes the prescriptions cost only a $5 copay, but this is worth every penny. I tried a few strains before landing on this one. They were all great, but I find this one to be the best for me. Highly recommended!!!

2nd time by Sabrina on 11/03/2019

I tried the Red Vein Kratom capsules again and although I do prefer the green, mixing the two also helps greatly with my anxiety. Will continue to try them alone and mixed!

Great stuff by JOHNNIE on 11/01/2019

The green doesn’t work as good as the white for me for ----. However still does the trick . Kratomcapsules always has good shipping and quick without any issues. Would definitely do business again.

Mood Stabilizer by mike c. on 10/28/2019

My mood seems to go up and down. I take a couple of these capsules 2 or 3 times a day and it keeps me on an even keel.

Good product by Hope on 10/25/2019

I am a chronic ---- patient and this helps me so much

Best product and company ever!! by Kim on 10/25/2019

The company is easy to deal with and their products are amazing The capsules work wonders for my fibromyalgia and fatigue. My favorite is the white maeng da because it gives me the energy I need and it calms my inflammation down so my body isnt hurting all day long. Thank you some much Kratom Capsules!!! You truly do have the best quality of kratom!!

Surprisingly good by Dee on 10/24/2019

Was skeptical about yellows, but similar to Bali and whites. Good energy, nice balance.

Surprisingly good by Dee on 10/24/2019

Was skeptical about yellows, but similar to Bali and whites. Good energy, nice balance.

My favorite! by Sabrina on 10/16/2019

I've tried a few different varieties now, and the green madeng is STILL my favorite! So much extra energy and really helps with anxiety and relaxes me at night. Will continue to reorder!

Great Product by Cavegrrl on 10/16/2019

We love this product. It does it's job well. My husband and I take 2 of these every morning. No racing heart or jitters, just energy and decreased inflammation in my joints!

Great product by Dee on 10/15/2019

Capsules convenient for on the go, white is great for morning energy.

Good stuff by EJ on 10/15/2019

This strain seems to work best for me for a little "Get up and go" and minor ---- relief. The only drawback, if you take one too many, you may feel a little nauseous.

Good substitute for Bali by B on 10/06/2019

Second choice for daytime to Bali. Little too much energy though, but good product.

First time by Sabrina on 10/05/2019

This was my first time trying the powders...didn't work too well in cold liquids, but when I added it to tea, it was great! I also like mixing the green and red powders...very relaxing!

Love it, perfect mellowness :-) by Zeina on 10/05/2019

my preferred strain. all the beneficial effects and a very calm mellowing feeling throughout. highly recommended :-)

Great high energy and ----killer by Zeina on 10/05/2019

A little bit too much energy for me :-), to get more beneficial effect i have to consume more, thats why i prefer the yellow vietnam for daily use. i use the white Maengda for when i need the super extra boost

Still amazing after 1 year by Yacoub on 10/05/2019

been off and on using kratom at only 3-4 pills a day(morning dose) whenever i wake up groggy. does a fantastic job of brightening up the day. and when i hurt my back, it was a godsend. (white in the mornings and MD red vein at night which really helps with sleep) and Kratomcapsules have been consistent in providing an amazingly high quality product over the last year or so i have used the,. highly recommended

mild effects when used with kratom by Mirna on 10/02/2019

i found it gave extra beneficial relief when used with kratom, but not much on its own! thanks

wonderful and versatile by Mirna on 10/02/2019

absolutely loved it. wide range effects depending on doses. 3 to 4 pill in the morning last almost the whole day. energy, beneficial relief. 5+ pills send me to sleep :-)

wonderful and versatile by Mirna on 10/02/2019

absolutely loved it. wide range effects depending on doses. 3 to 4 pill in the morning last almost the whole day. energy, beneficial relief. 5+ pills send me to sleep :-)

Quality remains consistent over time by Annie on 10/02/2019

I highly recommend this company and their products. I have been ordering for years and the quality is consistently excellent. The customer service is top-notch as well.

Best **** relief by Charlene on 10/01/2019

This strain acts fast and does the job on my worst ****.

Good **** Relief by Charlene on 10/01/2019

This strain gives good **** relief on its own, but on major **** days, adding 2 caps to 5 of the white strain gives lasting relief for 6 or more hours.

Very Good! by Rick M. on 09/28/2019

The capsules have been a huge energy boost for me! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing an energy boost! Thanks

Great for sleep by Billy on 09/27/2019

This helps me go to sleep and stay asleep!

My 2nd Favorite! by Billy on 09/27/2019

This is my 2nd favorite to the Green Maeng, great to mix with each other!

The best by Billy on 09/27/2019

This is my favorite strain and at this great price I will always continue to re-order!!

Great value by Billy on 09/27/2019

Great value for such a great product!

Great product... by Jan on 09/24/2019

Been using this variety of Kratom for a while now. It definitely makes my feet and leg **** go away while keeping me focused and positive. No “ high “ feeling; just good to not hurt. Lol. BTW. 70 years young! Thank you Kratomcapsules!

Nighttime ---- by B on 09/23/2019

Excellent, but only at night for me as it makes me sleepy. Trusted products.

works great by marilyn on 09/22/2019

takes my arthritis **** away

Quality Product, Quality Results by Krispy Kritter on 09/19/2019

Long term ---- management patient here who’s trying to move on from opiods. I have to say, I’m really happy with the results I’ve been feeling. Definately worth my time, hope the value continues.

Great Product by Tina on 09/17/2019

Helps with the aches and ----s. Love it

Excellent Product!! by Andrew on 09/17/2019

Excellent product!!

Unsurpassed quality by Bobby on 09/17/2019

Legit one of the best options for chronic **** and this company is the best. Simply put, it works amazingly well!

Awesome Product by Reesee' on 09/16/2019

I am using the White Maeng Da for my Carpel Tunnel **** and Anxiety and It Works Great

Convenient by B on 09/15/2019

Convenient, awesome product, still prefer the powder, can't wait til back in stock, only thing helps with ----.

Personal favorite by Jeff on 09/12/2019

Best strain overall. Buy with confidence

Outstanding! by Carrie on 09/11/2019

Top-notch quality product! The kratom gave me a nice lift while taking care of my chronic back ----. I would highly recommend and endorse this product. Will order again.

Great Quality by M on 09/11/2019

Highly recommend.

Great Quality and Great Sevice by M on 09/11/2019

No complaints. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars all day long!! by Tonya on 09/11/2019

Superb quality and great prices!

Good by Chris on 09/10/2019

Good quality capsules, received in 3 days

Energy by Sabrina on 09/10/2019

This was my first time trying Red Vein Kratom...it works WELL! I def had more energy and was able to take it in the morning and be alert and more "alive" at work. I will def try it again!

Relaxing by Sabrina on 09/08/2019

This was my first time trying the White Maeng...I find that it helps with my anxiety and is very relaxing. I do get more energy from the green, but will order this one again.

Some sweet leaf by Michael on 09/07/2019

I hadn't used any Kratom in about five months. Previously, bought a 500 gram bag for $50. It was like eating tree bark, but how did I know? I've never seen Kratom so finely ground and with such a pleasant aroma and deep color. You do get what you pay for. Also, I will certainly be able to take less for the desired effects. Thanks.

Good substitute for Bali by Kat on 09/05/2019

Good substitute for Bali, my go to.More energy, less ---- relieving, but over all good mix. Fast shipping.

Wow by Ashley on 09/04/2019

I just have to say this stuff has changed my life. I use it in my coffee in the am and it helps get me going but keeps my anxiety down. I've been able to come off of 2 medications since I started kratom and I feel so much better.

---- & Energy by Lisa on 09/04/2019

I've used the red vein Kratom powder for more than a year now. It's been helpful with my ---- and energy. I would recommend it to anyone who has chronic ----.

---- Relief by Lisa on 09/04/2019

I've used the Green Maeng D Kratom powder for over a year now. It's a wonderful alternative for opioids. It helps with both my ---- and energy.

the white maeng da by Maxwell on 09/02/2019

well the verdict is in I think I like the White Maeng better then the Red vai indo although not that sure about that. I alway do the green and the red indo. I wanted to try the white because I heard it was stronger then green maeng. I do like the white but it might have been the placebo effect meaning that because I believed it was better it felt better. I like them both

So impressed!!! by Karen on 08/30/2019

Heard of this recently & researched & just couldn't find any reason not to try. I just turned 62, am disabled due to serious car accident a decade ago & with the newer laws regarding narcotics, I felt like maybe this would help with my constant ---- & lack of focus & energy. Such perfect timing!!! Shortly after receipt of my Red Vein, I discovered I had a very rare & extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. Because we caught it early, we agreed on a Lumpectomy and while I refused Chemo, I agreed to a round of Radiation. The Red Vein helped me so much. I'm not saying that it's medically indicated - in fact I didn't ask my doctor's as I'm pretty sure they would have said to stop taking. I had said I wanted to use Essiac and they made me promise that for now I won't. Anyway, I am so pleased with the Red Vein and it's time to reorder. I want to try another in addition for ---- management and energy & would welcome any suggestions. Thanks Kratom for making a quality product at a price I can afford on my disability.

The best by B on 08/23/2019

Best variety for my ----, wish they got more in stock. Fast delivery.

Green Maeng da by carlos1tow@gmail.com on 08/21/2019

I've been using this green md kratom for quite some time now and I find it is the perfect combination of relaxation with just the right amount of alertness and concentration. KratomCapsules quality and service is excellent! Really fast shipping and excellent quality. That is why I keep coming back here for more.

Red Vein Indo Kratom the Best by Trish on 08/20/2019

Buy here. Kratom Capsules has the best product. I won't buy anywhere else. I use the Red Vein Capsules for chronic back ---- after several Lumbar surgeries. I have used the product for 4 years now with no side effects. Only relief.

Great for back ---- by PAMELA on 08/17/2019

Been using for a year instead of narcotics

Back ---- by PAM on 08/17/2019

This product works great for my back ----

Great product by Jody on 08/16/2019

Gives a great boost mentally and physically!!! Company is top notch and shipping is fast!!!! Highly recommended!!

Great product, super fast processing and shipping by Jonathan on 08/15/2019

May not be just slightly less potent than a couple other sources I've tried, but the fast processing and shipping makes this business top notch. Will continue to shop here definitely!!

Red Vein Indo by Maxwell on 08/15/2019

Hello I enjoy Red Vein Indo. Up tell now I have been taking 3 grams for ---- and anxiety or stress not sure which is which.. What I do know is that when I use Red Vein I feel a sense of easy not stress know worries. Other than the Green Maeng I not excited about the others although I'm incline to try the white maeng soon. .

great product by denise on 08/08/2019

clean product and love the jar vs the bags when it comes to the power.

Top Notch Product! by Tonya on 08/06/2019

I've purchased from other vendors and Kratom Capsules is by far my favorite! Delivery times are great and customer service is great as well. Highly recommended!

Great quality, never an issue by Yessir on 08/05/2019

Highly Recommend. Have yet to be disappointed. Def does the trick. Great site too with prompt quality service.

Red Vein Indo by Maxwell on 08/05/2019

I enjoy the Red Vein Indo because it lifts my spirits using the Red also kept me from going through any withdrawal. i have tried the others but seem to flavor this one

It Works by Judith on 08/03/2019

I had a terrible toothache the other day. I took 2 capsules and almost immediately the toothache was gone. It worked and was long lasting. Normally I use for tension headaches. Glad to know I can use for any ----.

Love it! by Sabrina on 08/03/2019

Gives me mental clarity and energy without the caffeine jitters!

Amazing product by Stacy on 08/02/2019

This has helped me so much. It gives me so much energy and helps with anxiety. It works best for me when mixed with Super Bali. Super great on back ----!!

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