Yellow Vietnam (50 Capsules)

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Each bottle contains 50 capsules. Each capsule contains 500mg of Yellow Vietnam powder and is active at only 2 to 4 capsules!



Mitragyna Speciosa has been thriving in Southeast Asia for tens of thousands of years. Although most strains available on the market genetically come from Indonesia, Thailand, or Malaysia, Yellow Vietnam has been increasing in popularity. This strain has been distinctively known as being very potent and balanced.

We only sell 100% natural unprocessed herb, no extracts or "enhanced" products. We feel herbal supplements are best left natural and unprocessed as mother nature intended it.

Our products are packaged in FDA inspected cGMP compliant facilities. They are tested for the presence of e.coli, salmonella, microbial aerobic plate count, heavy metals, mold, and fungus. We value the health and safety of our customers! We may not be the cheapest, but we will *always* be the best.


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Very enjoyable
This was my first time trying the Yellow Vietnam and I found it to be an excellent strain for my afternoons to lift my mood, give me subtle energy, and help with anxiety. I haven’t had a lot of experience with the Yellows and Golds, but I would buy this again for sure! Excellent vendor, quality is superior and shipping is very fast
Review by Kerry / (Posted on 4/8/2020)
Great Product
I Love this one the best...Great Customer Service
Review by Tina / (Posted on 4/6/2020)
Job well done
Loved this product. Helped with pain and anxiety. Very thankful
Review by Gloria / (Posted on 3/6/2020)
Used this when I was waiting for my red vein and found it was very helpful
Review by Shannon / (Posted on 2/17/2020)
great product
I mix this up with my white maeng da
Review by Wayne / (Posted on 2/17/2020)
Great strain for energy
Very good strain for focus and energy. Very high quality .
Review by Anthony / (Posted on 2/8/2020)
Great product
Excellent product and super fast shipping!!
Review by Derik / (Posted on 1/5/2020)
Love it, perfect mellowness :-)
my preferred strain. all the beneficial effects and a very calm mellowing feeling throughout. highly recommended :-)
Review by Zeina / (Posted on 10/5/2019)
I was expecting this strain to be more energizing than anything, but I ended up being very relaxed (which was probably for the best as I'm a very high strung person). I only took two capsules and had this effect. Still an awesome strain though!
Review by Bri / (Posted on 6/18/2019)
Yellow Vietnam
Take with Reds and eliminates pain
Without narcotics
Review by Thomas / (Posted on 4/26/2019)
Fantastic Product
I take 2 yellow & 2 reds! Takes prostate and leg pain away without narcotics
Review by Thomas / (Posted on 4/26/2019)
The best for energy
Love this even more than the white for energy!
Review by Crystal / (Posted on 4/22/2019)
Very Nice!
Was hesitant to try at first, but really like it! 2 teaspoons does the trick. Great for relaxing.
Review by wigthe / (Posted on 4/18/2019)
Not very strong.
I prefer the green or yellow Maeng Da.
Review by Melissa / (Posted on 4/17/2019)
Yellow Vietnam Kratom
As always, quick delivery of an excellent product. Loving the yellow vietnam kratom. Would highly recommend it.
Review by Liz / (Posted on 4/3/2019)
Yellow Vietnam
I was on prescription meds for years. I have tried many strains from many dealers
And this is by far the most effective. A+
Review by Kristi / (Posted on 3/20/2019)
best for me
I have officially tried all types of kratom. The yellow is one of my absolute favorites. I feel like the effects com eon much faster than red vein indo or white. I take the yellow for pain and it does exactly what it should. I am going to try powder next.
Review by Sofia / (Posted on 3/2/2019)
Mieng de yellow
Works great with the red vein Bali for my leg pain and withdraws from norcos.
Review by Walter / (Posted on 2/5/2019)
Yellow Vietnam Kratom
I like this product for sleep I don't know if it does everyone that way but for me I can rest really well and it's great for pain relief. It's hard for me to go to sleep but this gives be just the relaxation I need to get to sleep
Review by KRISTA / (Posted on 1/4/2019)

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